Melissa’s Contribution

Verse V

Not long ago I stood


among Indian blankets,


Now I struggle to catch

my breath

Stifling metal, concrete


to a vast, dissonant


abuse my eyes, impede my


Starless expanse of these

night skies

Sirens the solitary


This verse was submitted by Melissa, a tremendous poet and an individual who is always armed with a kind word, a bit of encouragement and a smile that is reflected in her words. Melissa graciously allowed me to massage this verse to fit within the framework and the format of what preceded it and mold it to the balance of this piece.

A country native also sometimes transplanted to city life, Melissa picked up on my reference to the night songs in the city: the plethora of sounds, including the sirens …

You can find more of Melissa’s poetry on her blog, Poetic Ponderings