Aug 17 2012

Shout Outs and Accolades

Several of my friends have garnered a bit of success in the publishing world for their poetry and other pieces. And, since some of those friends participated in the development and direction of Steel Trees, I like to give them a little bit of link love from time to time. Among them are:

Jim Pascual Agustin (aka Sufjan Simone here on Steel Trees). Jim has several books of poetry that have been published plus numerous individual pieces. Jim can be found online at his blog, Matangmanok and his latest book of English poetry (he also writes in Filipino) is Alien To Any Skin. And, according to Jim, it appears that his books are gaining an audience.

Melissa is a terrific poet. Her poetry is first rate. Favoring mostly free verse, she has the ability to tweak every human emotion there is with her words. One of my favorite pieces of prose from her is He Was a Poet. Good stuff from Melissa.

John Ecko is someone whose works you have to see and read. John has produced several books of Visual Poetry. John’s works can be found at Eckovision and a collaborative effort of visual poetry and dark tales with Scott Scherr can be found at the Madhouse Theater. John recently has had three other pieces selected for inclusion in an anthology: The Broke Ones.

Keep up the great work, guys.