Sufjan’s Intrusion — (his words, not mine)

Verse II

Amid all this blinding light, I grope
for memories of soil before concrete
was laid. These trees, steel trees
burn with a hum, not a crackle.
Grew without growth. Jabbed
to the ground in geometric precision.
Needed neither sun nor rain. Stars,
they are even fainter as I linger,
as I blur among the throngs.

These steel trees paint us
with the faces of ghosts, lost
in all these roads paved,

This verse showed up first in a forum I participate in. The subject was "Michael Raymond’s Steel Trees With Sufjan’s Intrusion"—his words, not mine.

Sufjan, whose real name is Jim, has had several volumes of poetry published. His most recent volumes are:
Alien to Any Skin
Baha-bahagdang Karupukan — a volume of poetry written in Jim’s native Filipino.

One of my favorite pieces of Jim’s is "Someone’s Head", recently featured on LitNet

If you’d like to read more of Jim’s work, you can try his blog at Matangmanok or the link above for "Alien to Any Skin"